CD Projekt Red More Likely To Make The Witcher 4 After Signing

January 9, 2020


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The Doc wears his iconic polarized sunglasses with a Santa Claus hat for his fans to celebrate Christmas on his stream. During his match on PUBG, the American streamer spun and repositioned during the crucial part of his game. In the blink of an eye, he found himself eliminated from nowhere. When examining the clip, the American streamer watches another player sneak up behind him. The other player’s goal seems to line up directly with the Two-Time.

And that’s when he took a sour turn for the match. “I just spent 15 minutes f ** king in your shit game to die to a hacker,” said the Doc rather calmly. CD Projekt Red More Likely To Make The Witcher 4 After Signing New Deal With Author Of Book Series “I spent 20 to 25 minutes preparing for success, doing rotations, trying to withdraw people who come to the area, so that they throw a technical fault and lie to me,” he said. added while reporting the cheating player.

Like a real Dr Disrecpect, he continues on his way and uninstalls the game while declaiming its developers. As he gets stronger and more angry, Doc adds “absolute and stubborn developers” from PUBG. Published and developed by PUBG Corporation, the streamer also adds “these Blueball developers in South Korea, they have no idea f ** king, no idea how much time I spend in this game.”

Complaining that the game does not fix the piracy problem that is quite common in PUBG, the Two-Time adds: “And they put stupid bullshit everywhere and don’t fix the game or fix it.” That’s why nobody plays it anymore. He also took a hit when the Pro League closed. “This is why you no longer profit – because you do not listen.” None of this, however. As fans of the 37-year-old streamer know, Dr. Disrespect is known to have tried an uninstalled game again. As he has done many times, Doc reinstalled a game and tries it over and over.