Cynthia Bailey Slams Kenya Moore’s Husband

March 24, 2020


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Cynthia Bailey was not impressed by her best friend Kenya Moore’s husband, Marc Daly after he disrespected her at a public charity event. That being said, after seeing this side of him, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star concluded that the man was “not nice!”

In this week’s RHOA episode, Cynthia did not hesitate to talk about the “ couple of things ” that she found bad with Marc Daly and his charity event, exposing him for not being hot at all as a host.

Fortunately, his wife Kenya Moore stepped in to make sure everything was alright too, but the man didn’t even mention it in his speech, let alone thank her. Cynthia Bailey Slams Kenya Moore’s Husband Marc Daly Over Not Being ‘Nice’ To Her During Event!

In the meantime, they separated but, at the time, they were definitely still together.

During a Bravo wrap-up session, Cynthia exposed the man, saying, “There are a few things I really didn’t like that evening after the charity event. In the end, whatever the problems Kenya and I are going through, she is still my daughter and I know how much she is really invested in her family. That night, I noticed that Marc did not thank Kenya for helping him for the whole event, which I know she did … He gets up and gives the speech and does not even recognize not Kenya.
She continued, “ I’m not saying he intentionally decided not to thank her, I just thought it was just bad taste that he didn’t do it. I saw Marc from all sides. I saw Marc where he is incredible… and then I saw other sides where I don’t understand. He is not so nice.