Descenders Brings High-Speed Downhill Racing

March 24, 2020


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If you’re a fan of downhill mountain biking too fast until you break down, breaking the majority of your bones in the process, I bring you great news. Descenders is currently free to play on the Steam platform for the entire weekend, allowing players to experience speed wobbing until you kiss a tree. Join your friends by walking all the paths generated by the procedure until your inevitable disappearance, by performing jumps and sick tricks along the way.

It’s honestly an awesome experience designed by the developers of RageSquid, and it’s been on Steam for almost a year (released May 7, 2019) with solid review and minimal mods available. If they are listening to the gameplay offered by Descenders, they might also be delighted to learn that the title is almost half extinct during the free weekend. Descenders Brings High-Speed Downhill Racing To Everyone With A Free Weekend On Steam

Descenders recently closed their modding competition where a user passing by the handle of Spe easily won it with a card called Stoker Bike Park. RageSquid ended up loving Spe’s work so much that he is now apparently under the control of RageSquid in.

which means you can dive into downhill races that have become insanely addictive, or browse various bike parks filled with all the ramps, skinnies and dives you could possibly handle.

The Stoker Bike Park by Spe has added three more trails to explore to your own prerogative, and all bike parks also have seeds for players to explore in multiplayer halls with their friends. Mt Rosie has also undergone a bit of overhaul, making its steep curvature a bit more user-friendly for low-end PCs.

Descenders’ easy gameplay is nowhere else