Dwayne Wade And Gabrielle Union Pull Up

March 24, 2020


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Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union presented themselves at the Truth Awards with their daughter, Zaya. It was Zaya’s first appearance on the red carpet, and the family said a few words about living your truth.

Dwayne and Gabrielle were very supportive of Zaya, but they also received a lot of shade for this reason.

Another follower posted this: “Such an incredible inspiring family. It’s sad that the people on this page are so ignorant and full of hate. I hope you put as much effort into your own children as you do. Be blessed 🙃. ”Dwayne Wade And Gabrielle Union Pull Up To The Truth Awards Together With Zaya

One person overshadowed the family and wrote, ‘As far as I know, GOD does not make mistakes. What He creates is what it is. Apple will never be Orange, remember that. It’s all common sense. If you were touched by villains from your youth, God will fight these demons for you. Baby Boy was touched and brainwashed at a young age. Keep understanding this in my mind.
‘Zaya how does this personalized @richfresh feel ??? Last night was a stupid experience for our family. Thanks to @betterbrothersla and #truthawards for recognizing our good friends @jasonbolden @adair_curtis with the Bussiness Leadership Award. The Truth Awards were created to recognize and recognize the achievements of the black LGBTQ + community and its allies. In doing so, they increase awareness of their contributions to society, popular culture and the arts and help to refocus the lens through which they are seen. The Truth Awards also fund scholarships that support educational opportunities p