Eve Online Begins An In-Game Event With Disappointing

March 24, 2020


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Whether you’re inspired to start a business empire, or you’re just in it for the fantastic PvP (which can get a little monotonous once some massive carriers enter the fray), it has something for everyone.

CCP has been working with its community since the launch of Eve Online on May 6, 2003, and they just won’t stop for anyone. The economy is complex, wars are crazy, and pirates are waiting for you to get out of a safe area to kill yourself constantly. Eve Online Begins An In-Game Event With Disappointing News For Many Of Its Fans

Which makes sense, since the most recent event was to kill other players and shoot their bodies out of space. In the event “ Skill is only a means of communication ”, players can get skill points with each frag they have removed from space. Daily challenges are also launched to players every day, and the event is scheduled to run from March 12 to April 14.

On this news, however, comes some unfortunate news; The CCP announced that the next Eve Fanfest 2020 has been canceled due to the coronavirus (which becomes a stagnant refrain at this point). It’s an unfortunate announcement, so long-awaited, for the title that approaches two decades of a rabid fan base with foolproof support for the in-depth space simulator.

Still, the fact that the community largely laments the loss of the fan-centric event bodes well for the title which is starting to trump all other games in terms of history; even after the (roughly) month-long chain of DDoS that guaranteed nobody could play the game easily, the fan base is still ready to find out all that the game has to offer.