GOG Introduces New Refund Policy

March 24, 2020


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It happened quite suddenly, with little fanfare. GOG has introduced a new refund policy that offers a thirty day refund window for all purchases, whether downloaded, played, beaten or otherwise. No questions asked, you can get all your money back within thirty days.

Previously, GOG offered a refund until the title was downloaded; Since the hallmark of GOG is DRM-free titles, many users can simply pay it back after downloading and there is nothing to do. Thus, the reimbursement window closed after downloading the package to protect the developers. GOG Introduces New Refund Policy That May Be A Bit Too Consumer Friendly For Developers

It should also be noted that independent developers generally operate on a shoestring budget which leaves little room for error; a mediocre title may very well mean the definitive closure of a studio at the start of its life, so they are not necessarily concerned with trivial matters. When users have the opportunity to play through an entire game and get their money back for the title, it’s worth listening to you to pay attention to how it could end up impacting the game. ‘industry.

However, Steam’s approach of returning items that have been played for less than two hours, or within two weeks of purchase, also has its flaws. A aptly named title called Scum on Steam keeps its app in the background after users exit, ensuring that many cannot process a refund as the time played continues to climb while their computers continue