Hannah Brown Talks About Her Love Life

February 27, 2020


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After appearing several times in this season of The Bachelor, Hannah Brown was cast in the shade by none other than Jennifer Aniston! The actress suggested that she should just “ stay at home ” and now the former Bachelorette star applauds.

It looks like Jen has been following the show and she has some thoughts on Hannah stopping so much.

In response to meeting Peter at the season premiere, Jennifer said in an interview with the SAG Awards: “ I think Hannah can stay home now. Now they are using these poor women. It’s embarassing. You like it, I know. I love this.’

Aniston was most likely talking about speculation that Hannah and Peter are in a relationship, which means that he didn’t pick any of the candidates during his The Bachelor season. Hannah Brown Talks About Her Love Life Amid Peter Weber Romance Rumors.

In the end, Hannah is aware of Jennifer’s comments and, while co-hosting Entertainment Tonight yesterday, she joked: ‘Shade! No, I understand. I keep going up!

Hannah and Peter had a very emotional reunion at the premiere of the season and she even admitted that she regretted breaking his heart in The Bachelorette when she sent him home despite their apparent deep connection.

Then Peter asked him to stay and be part of the house.

“I’m so confused right now. I know I shouldn’t be feeling this. It’s only the first week that it all starts. I am obviously not 100% where I thought. I do not know what to do. I want someone to want me as bad as I want them. You told me that you could still feel emotions and that you had made mistakes, and I want to hear it and believe it. But then it’s also like … [do you just miss the “what if”? Peter shed his heart during their conversation.