Hillary Clinton Explains How Former President

March 24, 2020


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In the final episode of the series, former President Bill Clinton decided to discuss his massive 90s affair with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

In the third episode, titled “The Most Difficult Decision”, Hillary spoke of her initial reaction to the sex scandal.

The former secretary of state also explained how they announced the news of the sexual relationship with Lewinsky to their daughter, Chelsea Clinton.

Hillary said this is how Bill revealed the truth: “Bill came into the room early one morning, and sat on the side of the bed and said,” I have to tell you something, There is a story that is going to be in the newspaper, which is about an intern who worked at the White House, saying that I had a relationship with her. I woke up and had trouble treating it. I was like, “What are you talking about? What is it? What do you mean?” He said, “There is nothing, it is not true, I may have been too nice to her, I may have paid her too much attention, but there was nothing. ” ”
Hillary Clinton Explains How Former President Bill Clinton Broke The Monica Lewinsky Scandal To Their Daughter, Chelsea
She added, “He was adamant and he convinced me. If they could invent something, if they could lie about something, they were so partisan that they would do it. ”

Bill also shared his story angle: “I went to sit on the bed and talked to him. I told him exactly what happened when it happened. I said I felt bad about it. I said, you know, we’ve been through a lot in recent years. I have no defense, and that’s what I did. ”

Hillary went on to explain how they revealed the matter to their daughter, Chelsea Clinton: “I was just devastated. I can’t believe it and I can’t believe you lied. It was horrible, and I said, “ If it has to be public, you have to go tell Chelsea. It was awful and he just hated hurting his family. We all give life to our luggage, and sometimes we do things that we shouldn’t do, and it was horrible what I did. “