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October 8, 2019


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Kasautii Zindagii Kay (transl.‚ÄČTrials of Life) is an Indian sentimental show TV arrangement created by Ekta Kapoor under Balaji Telefilms.[2] It debuted on 25 September 2018 on Star Plus.[3] It stars Parth Samthaan, Erica Fernandes, Hina Khan and Karan Singh Grover as Anurag Basu, Prerna Sharma, Komolika Chaubey and Rishabh Bajaj. Anurag Basu and Prerna Sharma are two people intended to become hopelessly enamored at this point compelled to experience a few preliminaries of life to be as one. Anurag and Prerna study in a similar college. With time, they start speaking and gradually structure an obligation of trust and fellowship. Gradually, Prerna understands that she has begun to look all starry eyed at Anurag. In the midst of this, Komolika Chaubey makes her entrance. She is presumptuous and draws in male consideration any place she goes, always abusing her father’s political capacity to get what she needs. In the long run, Anurag understands his affection for Prerna. In the interim, Komolika starts getting intrigued by Anurag.

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Anurag and Prerna admit their emotions to one another. They play out a marriage custom, promising to wed one another and perfect their relationship. Seeing Prerna and Anurag plan a future together, Komolika chooses to make misconceptions between them. She asks Anurag to wed her so as to spare Prerna’s home. Constrained, Anurag concurs. Prerna is left stunned. She gets hit by a vehicle and is taken to the medical clinic where the specialist uncovers that she is pregnant. Defiant, Prerna goes into the Basu house professing to be Anurag’s significant other. Prerna effectively uncovered Komolika and gets her captured. Komolika escapes and returns to slaughter Prerna however rather tumbles down from the patio and disappears. Prerna and Anurag rejoin and get ready for marriage. In the interim, Rishabh Bajaj, a merciless businessperson who appreciates wrecking and assuming control over organizations enters. He dishonestly outlines Anurag and gets him imprisoned. Further, Rishabh asks Prerna to wed him in return of Anurag’s opportunity. Vulnerable, Prerna chooses to wed Rishabh to spare Anurag and his family. Anurag is liberated and Prerna weds Rishabh. Grief stricken and crushed, Anurag questions Prerna however she misleads him trusting he proceeds onward from her.

The most recent scene of Kasautii Zindagii Kay starts with Prerna winding up in a circumstance of quandary as she needs to pick among Mr.Bajaj and Anurag. She imagines that Mr.Bajaj is breaking their arrangement of not hurting Anurag. On the opposite side, Mr Bajaj is making a decent attempt to adapt up to his emotions. He says that Prerna is a decent lady and in view of her he didn’t wreck Basu’s. Prerna chooses to battle against Mr.Bajaj in the court. Anurag reveals to Anupam that Mr.Bajaj didn’t cause the mishap however he constrained him to bounce before his vehicle. He discloses to Anupam that Prerna is still enamored with him. However, Anurag didn’t know about the way that Prerna caught his whole discussion with Anupam. Tanvi comes to see Mr.Bajaj in prison. She says that she is feeling awful for him. He gets some information about him. Prerna reveals to Anupam that she thought he is the just one in the Basu family who thinks about her satisfaction. She feels awful and questions Anupam for supporting Anurag. She says that Mr.Bajaj isn’t even mindful this was all Anurag’s and Anupam’s arrangement. Rishabh asks Tanvi to disregard Prerna and to quit accusing her. Tanvi reveals to Rishabh that it appears as though he is enamored with Prerna. Anurag reveals to Prerna that he thoroughly took care of her purpose. He says that Mr.Bajaj has the right to be in prison. Prerna inquires as to whether he feels any regret. He says that he doesn’t have any guilt.Shivani reveals to Prerna that she ought to see herself as fortunate for finding a darling like Anurag. Anurag asks Prerna for what valid reason does she detest him to such an extent. She says she doesn’t loathe him. She reveals to him that Mr.Bajaj and his family are her present.