RHOP Alum Katie Rost Gives Her Opinion On Monique Samuels And Candiace Dillard Drama

December 15, 2019


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Katie Rost may not be coming back to the Real Housewives of Potomac establishment yet it doesn’t prevent her from remarking on what’s going on with her previous co-stars. The RHOP alum as of late gave her feeling on the fight between Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard. On the off chance that you aren’t forward-thinking about the most recent going-ons with the establishment that is as of now shooting their fifth season, let this fill in as a concise recap. Monique and Candiace who once viewed themselves as sisters are currently mortal foes. Their relationship turned sour during the fourth portion of the Bravo appear and in spite of the fact that they said they needed to chip away at it during the get-together scene, something probably gone frightfully amiss. The word on the road is, Samuels conveyed on her guarantee to ‘drag’ Dillard during taping after the Howard alum supposedly tossed a beverage at her.

From that point forward, the two have recorded second-degree ambush protests on one another that was started by Candiace. A fan account took a survey on Twitter to ask who adherents think ought to be taken back to the show. One fan tweeted: ‘They previously had a go at bringing Katie back. Furthermore, Charisse is in her own fantasy world. So again neither for me.’ Rost found out about the diss and reacted with: ‘I am going through a troublesome separation and @JuJu you are being mean, stop, genuinely. I’ll disclose to you what, if Charrisse was on RHOP nobody would be hauled or whipped and no lawful offense accusations would be recorded reason we may have terrible wigs yet we dont participate in crimes. That is weak.’


It is far-fetched that Bravo would bring Katie back for a third time. The previous housewife got out the creation organization for the Michael Darby sexual offense guarantee. RHOP Alum Katie Rost Gives Her Opinion On Monique Samuels And Candiace Dillard Drama. She reacted to a fan who inquired as to whether she would return. ‘I’m delivering a motion picture and dealing with different activities, can’t see the advantage in working for individuals who are as obscure as Truly Original Productions could never permit them in my home in the wake of seeing what they have done except if they changed their approaches and practices. Faking film that infers a rape happened is hostile and goes a little crazy. Bravo should fire them.’ Do you think Katie should return.