Winery Cyprus|Winery Limassol

July 9, 2019


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Your Winery is at the community of Koilani, in the Limassol wine nation. Here most people produce excellent wines from your red kinds Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and even Merlot, and also the white versions Xynisteri together with Sauvignon blafard. Our bottles of wine are constructed from local watermelon of the section, which are expanded on one hundred sixty acres your own grapevines and other participating vineyards, for the most part local providers. The grape plantations of the vineyard extend for the wider location in the small town of Koilani, south for Troodos, in altitude beginning with 700 feets and reaching out 1000 metres, at the highs of Build Aphamis. Many of the grapes which come from taking part vineyards and tend to be used for vinification are meticulously controlled by way of Sophocles Vlassidis, aiming during quality security. Graduating inside 1998 in the UC Davis University throughout California, Oenology, Sophocles Vlasidis returned that will Cyprus, owning as a idea the construction of a landmark winery inside the village about Koliani. Around 2012, the very Winery Cyprus|Winery Limassol appeared to be relocated on the vineyard associated with Kolonia, from the heart in the privately managed linear wineries. The single 50-acre vineyard of which surrounds the main winery is positioned two km’s outside of Koilani on the road to Vouni. The modern engineering of the setting up combines lumber and the common stone on the area by using modern products such as combination and noticeable concrete. Split points of house are the wedding celebration area as well as wine quality facilities plus the storage room or space for barrels and plastic bottles built in the actual mountain.

Winery Cyprus|Winery Limassol| is a great spot to visit! Located at Kilani village (Limassol), is a tourist attraction and a must for wine lovers, so that you can taste Cyprus red and white wine.