3 Secrets of Using the Law of Attraction

Secret 1 – The thoughts that you are thinking don’t necessarily mean anything. It’s all mind-stuff. To manifest, you need to calm your thinking.

Too many times we take what we are thinking too seriously. We can get “stuck in our heads” and think about things that have no basis at all in reality.

The key to the law of attraction coach is learning to calm your mind and your thinking. There is just no need to have so many thoughts in your head. We need to learn to relax and take things easy in order to let our manifestation energy flow.

Secret 2 – Your ego makes you think certain things are important in your life and creates fake stories that have no real basis. If you get rid of the ego, you’ll manifest like crazy because you’re bypassing your limiting beliefs.

The ego is that part of you that attaches “meaning” to things. For example, who you are in relation to the world around you, what you’re capable of doing, and what type of person you are and so on. Put another way, the ego is that part of you that identifies as “me” or “I”.

Think about a person who grew up in a rough neighborhood. That person will attach meaning to their rough experiences in life. They will think that in life you need to be tough and that everything is going to be tough for them because their experiences made it like that.

So, the “I” and ego part of that person tells them “I need to be tough”. The truth though is that this is just a little trick being played on that person because they attached meaning to things.

If you remove meaning from things and dissolve the ego, you overcome all your limiting beliefs and limitations which are attached to it. This means you manifest success like crazy because you aren’t bound to anything anymore.

Secret 3 – You need to make a paradigm shift instead of doing exercises to try and “fix yourself”. There’s nothing to fix.

When people aren’t achieving what they want in life, they tend to think that something needs “fixing” but the truth is nothing needs fixing. Doing exercises, using different tools and techniques to overcome “limiting beliefs” and other roadblocks to manifestation is good and well, but you may find yourself going back where you started after a while.

The key to making permanent, long-term and lasting change is to make a “paradigm” shift, which is a complete change in your outlook in one full scoop.

Paradigm shifts normally happen naturally when major life changes happen, or when something affects you strongly emotionally.

All of these major life changes or emotionally powerful experiences have a massive impact on your “paradigms”. The trick is to make a paradigm shift yourself manually, instead of having to wait for these types of life-changing experiences to come your way.

The way to do that is to realize certain things about your life, and the most important things you need to realize are: a) what goes on in your head isn’t necessarily important. It’s just mind stuff you can observe and isn’t the real you b) by attaching meaning to things, you create fake stories about your life and what you’re actually capable of.

All of it is totally false when you realize it’s just things in your head which aren’t the real you If you understand these two points properly and didn’t before, you’ve just made a paradigm shift.

Not taking the thoughts in your head do seriously and realizing that not everything means something is great for creating a new course of action.