An Easy Guide to Merging PDF Documents

An Easy Guide to Merging PDF Documents

Converting and combining PDF files is an important professional skill to have, seeing as how PDF files are helpful on digital platforms. For convenience’ sake, it’s crucial to have a knowledge of PDF files together, and the different ways in which you could achieve that goal.

This article will guide you accordingly to the Operating System (OS) that you’re using, what platform you’re on, and what other types of modifications you wish to apply on your PDF Files.

The following methods could be used:

  • The Windows
  • Method The MAC OS
  • Method The Online Sites Method


Adobe Acrobat is known as one of the best PDF management software. However, it’s a premium software that requires payment before one could use them. For one-time transactions, a free trial could be availed by going to their main website. Once trial runs out, and you find yourself needing the actions that this software could provide, you could always go back to the site and purchase the full copy.


MAC OS’s High Sierra build allows you to use Preview in order to combine PDFs. It’s a relatively easy process to learn.


There’s a lot of tools available for merging PDF files on the internet.

Here are some of the trusted sites:

  1. AltoMerge
  2. Merge PDF is a far easier way to merge PDFs online. Its platform is optimized for dragging and dropping different PDF files. Four files could be chosen at once, and you’re welcome to add more files are you go. On the downside, their service is only free for files lower than 15 MB. Files greater than 15 MB will be charged. Large chunks of books are definitely out of the question.
  3. PDF Joiner
  4. PDF Joiner is ideal for a bunch of different formats, format shifts and changes. PDFs can be combined, condensed, and edited. Smallpdf: Smallpdf’s pro is that they made it easier to download files from your Dropbox or Google Drive, saving you the hassle of uploading the files to their database. It’s highly recommended for collaborative projects and its security allows you to have a preview of your document as you create it. There are also split and convert options available as a desktop app and a Chrome extension!
  5. Foxyutil’s Merge PDF
  6. This site allows gives you a cozy incentive as it allows you to sponsor a tree planting project if you merge PDF files. Talk about an eco-friendly initiative! By helping them, you not only get your task done, but you also get to help the planet earth. That’s great news, and in addition to that, their maximum file size is larger than others–its limited to 50MB of data.
  7. PDFSplit
  8. PDFSplit is a free online PDF splitter. No installation required. You can customize split files’ names, reset forms, and edit them online. After uploading your file, you may merge the split files back into one single file easily.
  9. XODO PDF Reader and Annotator
  10. With Xodo, you can edit, annotate, sign, and share PDFs on the desktop, mobile, at your own convenience!