Indigo Children – Who Are They?

June 25, 2019


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Indigo children can be identified by their unique characteristics. They are very intelligent and creative, but also rebellious towards authority and social systems. Very often they are diagnosed with a concentration disorder or hyperactivity, and they are recommended with various therapies to correct and overcome such behavior.

At the physical level, they are often sensitive and fragile, but at the emotional level, their sensitivity comes to extremes. They have a developed sense of care and empathy, but they can also develop insensitivity if they are emotionally abused in their youth.

The name Indigo Children comes from the dominant color in their aura (indigo blue; dark blue with red addition). The specialty of indigo vats is that they feel a “thin veil” of division between the Earth and the spiritual world.

Learning about indigo children will improve our ability to work with children. It will help us understand the new energies that descend to Earth because indigo kids will bring new energy and help us create a new, more harmonious life. They came to enlighten the world and elevate us to a new level, whether we are ready or not.

They got their name by the color of their aura. These children are the individuals who are here to bring us harmony. They are often psychic, sensitive and have some kind of internal lie detector.

These are generations born from 1978 onward. They are still born today.

Indigo Children:

  • They feel that they deserved to be in this world and can become strange if others do not see that.
  • They think of them like kings and queens and therefore behave like one.
  • Confidence is not an issue, they tell what they think to their parents.
  • They are frustrated when the system is too rational and when they can not show their own creativity.
  • They often see better opportunities to achieve something by protesting against the school and the system.
  • They know there is something more than what we can see.
  • They believe mater and body are just an illusion, therefore they don`t exist.
  • They know life is made from energy and consciousness.