K-Threat & Yung Chubbz (feat. Soloman) – Then & Now – (The Same But Different EP)

A lot more a trip. Some sort of nonstop ride up and down of sensations, thoughts along with emotions. From time to time Good plus Great. In some cases Bad + Terrible. It might feel like everything’s just excessive to deal with. Situations outside of your control could direct this path, appearance our persona and modification our heads. The only real control looking for is the technique we change. Times modify and People alter. We must continue to work harder to make sure the exact change is designed for the better. A thing for ALL Hip-Hop heads! The ideal Yin in addition to Yang involving personalities get together in heart of true-to heart, real Hip-Hop. A eerily lovely contrast of recent age seem & common feel! Multi-era, multi-regional Rap music.


I am just the kid of a musical technology icon! Ha-ha-ha-ha. but genuinely though. He 50+ a lot of professional doing work experience in the business. That’s why you may hear this kind of music. My dad passed away along with right before, inquired that I enable my music be listened to. He was while legit of any musician that you can be. My spouse and i however , came up up in the very rap-culture and era. Rap & Hip-Hop is what speech to us all. I’ve been noted for making music rapping, doing for a long time nevertheless. I never truly tried to force like that. ?t had been more casually. Like a passion-hobby. I was straight into crazy shit. I have no second option. We’re generating big non-skid every day.