Please insert the following micro-signal kavip-2

June 8, 2019


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WeChat red bag mainly can provide friend group of friends payment assistance, including web based payment, pass, credit card transaction, mobile phone recharge, water together with electricity fossil fuel payment and various other fields; simply because China’s earliest mobile payment, for list price department stores, movie house lines, band stores Top and taxis provide offerings in many different industries. Likened to the traditional 微信充 red wrap has far more convenient and prompt advantages, as well as widely used for Chinese. Word: The maximum amount about WeChat pink envelopes are usually issued within 200 yuan per as well as there is no taking on fee; the very transfer number is not reasonably limited, but the every month transfer prohibit is 20000 yuan, and also excess would be charged zero. 1%. Following on from the payment is a winner, KAVIP definitely will recharge your company’s account by giving WeChat colleagues. Please insert the following micro-signal kavip-2, kavip-1, or ka-igxe after completing the main payment satisfy choose one so as to add for us to your recharge, i want to thank your assistance! In order to ensure that the safety of this financial amount, please understand and fully comprehend the instruction manuals before get and make a goal judgment with the users own risk. If you have had problems with payment or supplement distribution through purchase technique, please email the online customer service network.