Sobhitha Thero was not a common candidate to hijack a Central Bank

Sobhitha Thero has made me the common candidate and created a government saying that the Central Bank should not be robbed. President Maithripala Sirisena said yesterday. For the 76th birth anniversary of Ven. Maduluwawewe Sobhitha thero At the Colombo Foundation Institute yesterday (30th).

It was the biggest stupid thing ever done by the government in developing the 100-day program. If I had a headline, I could have been nominated to be the President after dissolving Parliament.

I do not know who made the 100-day program. I accepted the 19th Amendment because I accepted the post of SLFP President. I have been able to amend the constitution by holding a parliamentary seat of 47 MPs with 225 seats. PPF. Property. Because he was elected chairman.

SriLanka is to appoint Ranil Wickremesinghe as the Prime Minister as the President. PPF. Property. When I was about to make a no-confidence motion, I was able to save it. PPF. Property. Because of accepting the chairmanship gossip lanka.

Sri lanka PPF. Property. Because the ministers were in the cabinet, they were able to save state banks from privatization. When the Cabinet was proposed to release the state bank money to private banks, I acted against it for three months. He did not allow it to pass. If not, the Bank of Ceylon or the National Savings Bank or People’s Bank will not be left over.

When President Mahinda Rajapaksa was defeated, I do not know who gave him helicopters to travel to Hambantota.

When I asked about this, the officers said that I had been advised to be president.

Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohamed and I have compiled a report in the ‘Today’ newspaper. I inquired from the Sri Lankan ambassador in Malaysia about the details. He said the information was basically fake.

Some people declare themselves to be the common candidate. At that moment, whoever won that election, he said that he would win a bad pair of races as the common candidate. Then why did you choose me? I was the ideal one to compete with the Rajapaksas. I came out from the SLFP as a lion.

I am Sri l. PPF. Property. It was not destroyed. The party that was devastated was saved.
I came to the top of the political career. However, within the past three years, I was again down. “