Stunning Carpet Colors for Gray Walls

September 16, 2019


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Gray walls seem to dominate today’s most interior designs, or at least that’s what the girls behind told us. It gives modern and subtle look and it gives a stylish finish in a room. However, it can be a little challenging to find the right carpet colors for gray walls at first. Actually there are so many possible options you can consider. Here are among of those.

Combination of Colors on Pattern Carpet

Gray walls have this simple look and it can use a little twist to make it looks more fun.  You can go ahead and check more on as any gray will look good with mustard, and it isn’t hard to find accessories in this color later. You can consider having this color in the combination of the pattern carpet. If your gray wall has blue in it, consider adding navy blue in the pattern is a great idea as well.

Pattern won’t wash the simplicity. If you choose minimalist pattern for the carpet, the carpet will introduce a fun contrast to the simple and modern gray.

Beige Carpet for Warm Feeling

This match is probably created in heaven and make you life like you completed the task on how to get better in life. Both colors represent today’s style and modern touch while being contrastive to each other. Surprisingly, they match in terms of simplicity and subtlety. Especially for deep or dark gray, beige carpet will compliment the entire look and put a balance in your interior.

When you add the right beige to the right gray, you infect modern and heritage looking atmosphere in the room, leaving it with warmth as finishing touch. You can freely add more colors through furniture and accessories with this carpet, and it will look super good.

Brown and Other Depth of Gray

Brown is another great option to consider using. Solid brown carpet will give depth to a light gray wall. You can prefer to softer brown for darker gray instead. Brown has a spark of elegance and maturity you will love to add. When paired with gray, it creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the room.

In alternative, the opposite gray of the wall will be great as well. For example, match a dark gray wall with light gray carpet and vice versa. It looks naturally consistent, in balance, and is a neutral base foundation for any other colors to add in furniture and accessories.

Gray is actually the new white. It matches with almost any color, and it looks great in any way as well. Feel free to match other colors. However, those carpet colors for gray walls are the best and they will give you only the most stylish look.