The Google Copy Content Penalty: Myths Vs Realities

The Google duplicate articles penalty is the subject matter of 1 of the liveliest ongoing debates in look for engine optimization circles. It has been accomplishing the rounds for a very long time now, and still manages to go away website owners uneasy and baffled despite frequent input and explanations from Google.

Right now we’re heading to take a look at the duplicate articles penalty and test to separate the myths from the realities. This is not a black and white place nevertheless, as Google itself stays a minor coy and imprecise on the topic.

First, let’s dispel the greatest fantasy about duplicate written content just before proceeding to the actions you can acquire to steer clear of having into difficulties.


Google will penalize your web site if you use replicate material.


This will be a incredibly unsound practice by Google. A massive proportion of the web (believed at 25% – 30%) is designed on syndicated, and thus “copy” written content. Penalizing sites for republishing material is not in Google’s greatest interest, nor that of its customers.

An straightforward example of the form of web page that thrives on syndicated material is a information portal. To demonstrate this, look for for the headline of any existing information function in Google. You happen to be probably to find the exact same posting on, huffingtonpost. If you cherished this article as well as you wish to receive more info about scraping google generously visit our own web,, and a host of other information portals, all ranking on the to start with webpage of Google.

While there may perhaps be some slight variations, you will undoubtedly uncover the write-up syndicated phrase for phrase on several top rating web-sites. It thus helps make no perception that web-sites would be penalized for utilizing copy or syndicated content material.

In quick, it is safe to say that there is no replicate written content penalty. Your site won’t be banned or deindexed for publishing syndicated written content.

That’s not the stop of the tale while.

HOW Copy Material CAN Hurt YOU

Even nevertheless there doesn’t appear to be an formal “penalty”, there are approaches in which making use of copy information can damage you. For illustration, your page may perhaps be omitted from the Google lookup outcomes if there are as well quite a few very similar ones, so that is a risk that you just take with applying copy content material.

This is not, on the other hand, a penalty as these: it can be more of a consequence of utilizing replicate written content. You see, Google wants to diversify their look for results. I believe you can expect to agree that it is not in anyone’s interest for them to screen a major twenty look for success listing consisting of the specific identical information on distinct web sites.

In other phrases, you run the possibility of your duplicated written content being outranked by websites boasting the exact same content, but obtaining extra authority than yours in Google’s eyes.

So, this can be thought of a “passive penalty”, if you definitely want to convey penalties into it. Your website is not actively penalized, but your content may perhaps only not attribute in the search benefits because there are presently as well many equivalent benefits.

THE Style OF Copy Written content THAT CAN Harm YOU

Google’s Matt Cutts stresses that spammy or key word stuffed replicate articles can get you into problems. Listed here is a current quotation from Cutts on this issue:

“The issue is that if you are automatically making things that is coming from nothing but an RSS feed, you happen to be not introducing a lot of benefit. So that duplicate material could be a very little additional most likely to be seen as spam.”

This is all incredibly subjective and Cutts is vague about how accurately they ascertain what information is spammy or of a low ample excellent to warrant a penalty.

The base line is this: as prolonged as the way in which you present the information supplies worth to the visitor, you shouldn’t have much too considerably to be anxious about. If you rely on mostly automatic content from RSS feeds or written content scrapers, you’re going to get minimal worth in return as Google will be extremely possible to merely omit your website page from their lookup results.

Ultimately, when you’re competing with 1000’s of web pages performing the very same detail with the identical piece of material, what incentive are you supplying Google to rank you higher than any of them?

WHAT ABOUT Articles ON YOUR Individual Web-site?

Mismanagement of content material on your possess web site can guide to ranking challenges. A individual perpetrator is the preferred blogging system, WordPress.

By default, WordPress will store the similar piece of articles beneath the Tag, Archive, Writer and Classification sections. This can confuse Google as to which piece of the content it should really rank and can negatively have an impact on the rating of the written content on your blog.

The very best practice below is to use an Search engine optimization plugin like the All-in-1 Web optimization Pack or WordPress Website positioning by Yoast. Specify noindex for the Tag, Date Archive and Creator sections. You need to also use snippets on your class webpages rather of enabling the entire web site to be recurring.

So, you must be considerably a lot more anxious about duplicated written content inside of your individual web-site or area than you should be about syndicating content material from other resources.