The Truth about Hair Grafting Cost

Besides the success and effectiveness, hair grafting cost becomes the most frequently asked question of hair transplant. People usually consider hair transplant is a costly procedure. In fact, there is no fixed cost for a hair transplant procedure since most hair transplant clinic would charge you per graft. At this point, hair transplant completely depends on the rate of hair grating cost and how many grafts are needed to restore your head.

Hair Grafting Cost For Average

Despite the number of grafts, there are several factors which may influences hair grafting cost for average. These may include the overall complexity of your hair condition. For those reasons, a set of tests may be conducted to ensure your eligibility for the procedure. They’re crucial to building a possible restoration scenario based on the donor availability. That’s why you can take the procedure as your hair loss is still progressive.

Each person is a special case of hair transplant, that’s hair grafting cost tend to be relative for each person. However, if we take the cost per graft as the fixed variable we can calculate hair grafting cost after multiplying it with certain amounts of the graft. In the UK, hair grafting cost starts from £3,000(500 grafts) up to £15,000(7000 grafts). The procedure would be split into two sessions as you need more than 3,000 grafts to transplant. A prior consultancy may give you the information about the estimated grafts needed to transplant, a further test will get you closer to the exact number.

The hair grafting cost is should be seen from many factors especially the results. Hair transplant gives a permanent result where most people may take only two procedures for their entire life. It’s completely different with the supplements or medications which should be purchased at a regular basis. In fact, it’s the only permanent solution to hair loss by far. Besides, only a reputable surgeon may perform the procedure, some clinics with celeb surgeons may charge you a higher hair grafting cost for sure. That’s why you may consider where you should take your procedure.

Otherwise, you can consider taking a hair transplant in Turkey. The country offers affordable hair grafting cost for the reliable and comfortable procedure, you can cut your budget up to 80 percent. DrT hair clinic is one of the most prominent hair clinics which offers personalized services. You wouldn’t be bothered with tourist things since the services include the personal shuttle transport, accommodations, personal consultation, medication, and so forth. You can simply request personalized service as you contact the customer service.