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It is advisable to register and create a bank account. Your login, email address and so forth Must be similar to it is inside your profile information about tcm drug store www.Sldint.Org. You must register first of all, then you can work with our tcm intelligent diagnostic-therapeutic system to make a list. It can save you the list and return to that. Our prognosis is based on the list as well as the information you submit to us, therefore please read and answer the questions properly. The symptoms you chosen can’t be salvaged if you have certainly not logged in. The list may be submitted when you have uploaded documents of the images of your tongue, etc . This kind of constitution list can be posted without the symptoms & disease list with out diagnosis price is required. Make sure you click on the synthèse category 1 by 1 to read and give answers. For instance , if your skin area is dried, select it all and simply click add to watch doctor who online. Please look at the procedure of making a list in detail first of all on the site of start off symptoms identification. You must fill in the symptoms & disease list while using constitution list. Please wide open the symptoms & disease list, select its classes one by one, and answer the questions. As you submit the symptoms & disease list with the concours list, you’ll certainly be redirected to paypal to generate payment. Then this status on this list will probably be changed to published. As you may have been invested in a doctor following submitting the first list, the next posted lists will probably be allocated to similar doctor plus the status of submitted together with will quickly be converted to approved soon after payment. You can delete a good submitted list after repayment and ask for the refund. Therefore please take your time to study the symptoms one by one, pick the symptoms and conditions the things you have to list carefully.